27 agosto 2014


La semana pasada os presenté a mi muñeco a crochet Nene Mouse y el tutorial para hacerlo paso a paso, esta semana ya está lista la versión en inglés.

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          I introduce to you "Nene Mouse". He is the first child I make and is a bit shy, so much that by making pictures was blushing. He loves to dress up as his friend, Mickey, but playing alone is a little bored so maybe I have to look for a mate for him.
          This doll is made by crochet, following the Japanese technique of amigurumi and has a size of 105/8 inch, 1113/16 inch if we measure the ears. Pants are knitted using two needles for my personal craze: I prefer how clothes look and also how differ from the body. However, and for those who don’t want or don´t know knit, I add the ​​crochet pants pattern.
        The pattern has a low level of difficulty for those who have a basic knowledge of crochet: chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, increasing, invisible decreasing, crocheting through back loops or front loops only.
It is intended for decoration or for children over 3 years as it contains small parts. If is a gift for a baby I recommend embroidering eyes with black wool or use safety eyes and make crochet buttons following the  pattern.

I Hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Nene Mouse

5,95 €

Nene Mouse (English version)

5,95 €

P.S. Let me now if your mail adress is not the same that your paypal adress: mamichufleta@gmail.com

    Y si prefieres la versión en español puedes encontrarla aquí o aquí.

18 agosto 2014


Os presento a “Nene Mouse”. Es el primer niño que hago y me ha salido un poco tímido, tanto que al hacerle las fotos se ha sonrojado. Le gusta mucho disfrazarse de su amigo Mickey pero él solo se aburre un poquito, habrá que buscarle una compañera.  

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